BeKnitting Loom Knitting Pen Tool & Crochet Hook

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  • LOOM PEN & CROCHET HOOK: This set comes complete with a handy BeKnitting loom pen and a handy crochet hook to help knitting on any loom.


  • SIMPLIFIED YARN LOOM CRAFTING: The BeKnitting loom pen makes using your knitting loom quick and effortless. It's a total game-changer for using your loom.

  • FLUROUSCENT DESIGN FOR EASY LOW-LIGHT LOOMING: Each loom pen is manufactured with glow in the dark resin plastic allowing for easy handling in low-light conditions.

  • PRECISE YARN WRAPPING: Craft with precision using this plastic BeKnitting loom pen, which facilitates easy and accurate yarn wrapping around your loom.

  • EFFORTLESS YARN HANDLING: Utilize the needle to effortlessly thread yarn through the pen tool, simplifying the process of wrapping yarn around your loom.